Empire Code Education

Teaching The Language Of The Future

Empire Code Education teaches children from as young as age of 5 to the young at heart at 70. We teach the mindset of coding and coding languages for industry use. Coding classes are taught at our center, schools, philanthropies and corporate organizations. We provide coding exchange programs for foreign students too.


Empire Code encourages creativity, the foundation of Entrepreneurship. Coding opens avenues for one to be an Entrepreneur at any age; and enables everyone to enhance their skills in structured thinking and creativity. Also, we want to encourage our seniors to keep their brains sharp. Thanks to neuroplasticity, learning new skills such as coding is an excellent protective factor against dementia. Besides, one can never be too old to code.


Coding education traditionally has been deployed either through theory or application, however Empire Code developed a proprietary learning methodology encompassing both theory and application. This integration is accomplished through an extensive R&D process and has proven successful. The Empire Code learning methodology is implemented throughout all our curriculum.

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