Join Us In Our Global Expansion

Why Join Us

Align yourself with global plans for our next generation & safeguard their future. Equip our future thought leaders with crucial skills as coding will soon be the most important job skill across industries. Learning to code enables children to be a creator in the digital world – Our world.

Encourage our seniors to keep their brain sharp. Thanks to neuroplasticity, learning new skills such as coding is an excellent protective factor against dementia. Besides, one can never be too old to code.

Teaching will enhance your coding skills. Once you’ve learnt how to code or, if you currently can code, you will pick up so much more through teaching and empowering others with this skill set.

Your Requirements

A passion for learning a new language and imparting knowledge. So YES! Become a coding school owner or enhance the curriculum of your school/centre now. Contact us using Our Form below.

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Franchise Opportunity

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