Learn to Use Your Minecraft: Education Edition Account and Install Code Connection for Minecraft

Create. Install. Use. Code.

Here you will learn to create, install and use your Minecraft: Education Edition account. You will also learn to connect Code Connection for your Minecraft world.

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Learn Basic Minecraft: Education Edition Game Commands

Basic Minecraft Game Commands

Learn the basic gameplay of Minecraft: Education Edition and how to run simple game commands to change the Minecraft world environment.

Additional Minecraft: Education Edition Learning Videos

Non-Playable Characters

Learn to create and configure Non-Playable Characters (NPC) to help you tell an exciting story. We will also look into how to run in-game commands using these NPCs.

Camera and Book Items

Explore the usage of the camera and book items to better present your world. Allow players to create their own unique items to record their journey.

Chalkboards and Permission Blocks

Use chalkboard items and permission blocks in your world to display readable information.

Light Up Your World

Use the firework rocket items to decorate your world with fireworks!

If you are a Minecraft Mojang user, learn how to create non-playable characters (NPC) through this video

Learn To Code With Microsoft Make Code for Minecraft

Microsoft MakeCode

Microsoft Makecode's Minecraft tutorials

Access Microsoft Makecode’s Minecraft online learning tutorials. Begin with raining chickens!

Code a Pyramid for an Egyptian King

Enhance your Minecraft: Education Edition world with code through coding a pyramid for an Egyptian King.

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