Our People


Co-Founder, Head of Education

Felicia’s path to her current expertise differs from many in the world of technology. Felicia started her career as a tax consultant at Deloitte, and left the corporate world pricing financial instruments for Tier 1 investment banks in London and Singapore to join the coding education industry. Felicia is now one of the leading experts in the field of block-programming, a true inspiration! Felicia was inspired by her mother, an avid Singapore Ministry of Education math, design & technology teacher of 40 years. Felicia believes everyone can learn to code and that children should be exposed to computing at the earliest opportunity.


Co-Founder, Head of Launchpad

An Aerospace Engineer by trade, Jasmine first gained exposure to programming and data analytics at university and during her banking days in London. Jasmine has 12 years of experience in the financial industry from London to Singapore, with her previous role as Executive Director at Goldman Sachs in the firm’s Investment Management Division. Prior to banking, Jasmine started her career at Singapore Technologies Aerospace, having earned a 2nd class upper honours degree in Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering at the University of Glasgow. “Coding is not as scary as you think”, is Jasmine’s favourite quote.


Partner, Head of Operations

Eric joins as partner with strong expertise in the tech sector, having spent 7 years with then tech startup Betfair Group in London, now listed on the London stock exchange. Eric’s industry experience includes technology infrastructure, product integration and bespoke web development for SMEs. Born in Sweden of Hong Kong descent, Eric’s career has taken him from Gothenburg to London, Bangkok, and JP Morgan in Singapore. Eric believes that coding is a necessary skill of the future.


Manager, Business Operations

With legal and operational expertise, Aaron manages operations at Empire Code Education. This includes centre and staff management. Aside to this, Aaron takes pride in educating and creating computer science gaming content for students. Aaron graduated with a degree in politics from the University of Maryland in the United States.

Jen Mie

Head of UX, UI & Graphic Design

Jen is a UX, UI and Graphic Designer with over 18 years’ of experience in interactive design. Having worked in London and Perth, Jen’s experience includes working with many leading brands in the United Kingdom, Australia and Internationally. Jen graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia with a Bachelors in Design, majoring in Multimedia.

Shi Kai

Full-Stack Developer, Trainer

As a graduate scholar in Computer Science, it is hard to believe that Shi Kai was once afraid to pick up coding as a child, despite his interest. Shi Kai started his journey with Empire Code as a freelance trainer, and soon moved on to the development team in Empire Code Launchpad, where he takes the helm as full stack developer. “An absolute genius” we call him. With an aim to demystify that programming is scary, Shi Kai believes that computer science should be easy to learn, especially for kids.


Joshua Tseng

Digital Marketing, Front-End Developer

Joshua started his journey at Empire Code as a frontend web and curriculum developer. Joshua now manages Empire Code’s digital marketing, giving the Empire Code brand its voice. Joshua’s passion for writing came from his love of listening to audiobooks as a child, a habit he picked up as his vision deteriorated due to congenital glaucoma. An avid learner, Joshua has a Diploma with merit in Marketing from Temasek Polytechnic, and is now an APB scholar at Singapore Management University. During his spare time, Joshua inspires the blind community through public speaking and motivational training engagements. Joshua’s favourite quote is: “You don’t create a masterpiece painting without breaking a few easels.”



Senior Trainer, Curriculum Development

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Image of stephenie

Head Trainer, Curriculum Development

Stephenie started her journey as Empire Code’s very first block-programming trainer. She is now our head trainer and block programming R&D specialist. Stephenie’s career began in Investment Banking, where she worked in Malaysia, Singapore and London for a decade. As a passionate educator, Stephenie homeschools her children. Stephenie’s biggest belief in education is to ensure that all learning is kept fun and interactive.


Senior Trainer, Curriculum Development

Amber’s career began as a teacher with the Early Childhood Development Agency of Singapore. Prior to joining Empire Code, Amber was an early childhood educator to children as young as a month old to 6 years old for several years. Amber believes in nurturing the next generation by providing them with the necessary skills and right foundation for long term growth. As an enthusiastic educator, Amber makes learning fun for all children. “Learning to code is not difficult when children are having fun!”, is Amber’s favourite quote.


Senior Full-Stack Developer

With 2 decades of experience in programming and entrepreneurship, Vincent is still happiest when he is creating new technologies to make the world a happier place. As an Information Systems graduate from the University of Melbourne, Vincent’s career took him to Sydney, where he managed the electricity trading system for a major Australian utilities company. Vincent’s development work includes mobile apps, data analytics and agro-technology. Vincent’s famous line of quote: “Coding is like one exciting puzzle. The fun part is not getting the right answer, but in having the “A-Ha!” moment where everything works and falls right into place.”



Senior Software Consultant, Trainer

Ernest has 6 years of experience in the software development industry as a frontend developer and project director. His experience in web app interactivity functionalities is vast, with projects for BreadTalk, HBO, Vivocity, Millenia Walk, Suntec, Singapore Tourism Board, OCBC and many more. Ernest holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.



Software Engineer, Marketing Specialist, Trainer

Elyson is Empire Code’s software engineer and marketing specialist. He joins us from Nanyang Polytechnic’s e-commerce lab where he helped small-to-medium enterprises grow their digital presence. Prior to Nanyang Polytechnic, Elyson was the head of onsite marketing at ZALORA. Elyson is passionate about using marketing tactics to help startups grow. Elyson holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Technopreneurship & Innovation from Nanyang Technological University and a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of Wollongong.



JavaScript Developer

Previously a business analyst at Mugi Group in Jakarta, Theo is now Empire Code’s full stack JavaScript developer with a passion for creating sustainable technologies. Theo’s expertise includes frontend web and app development. Theo graduated with a Bachelors in Economics from the University of California Irvine.

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