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Submissions Close December 7, 2018, 12pm Singapore time

Championship Theme: Teach a Time in History

Technology revolutionizes the way we teach and learn. Your mission? Impart a time in history. To do so, create a world using Minecraft: Education Edition or Minecraft game, enhance it with code using Microsoft MakeCode, and use the sign and book items to describe it. Get creative in how you build your world, examples may include a visual novel, treasure hunt or maze.

Scoring: 40% Minecraft world creativity, 50% code using Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft and 10% on a 150 to 200-word synopsis

Theme Example: Singapore’s Water Story

  • Minecraft World

  • Synopsis

Come visit my world to embark on a trail that takes you on a learning journey through Singapore’s Water Story. Through various stops, this guided trail leads you back in time to discover how in the face of water scarcity, Singapore has come up with creative ways of developing and diversifying its water resources over the past 50 years. Today, a sustainable flow of water is supplied by the island’s water catchment areas, NEWater facilities, water desalination plants and water imported from Malaysia. Known as the Four National Taps, these four water resources collectively provide clean and safe-drinking water to Singapore’s 5.6 million people and industries. See how these Four National Taps work by interacting with my world too! Trigger rainfall and watch the reservoir fill up, or play a mini game to see how NEWater cleans our water using  membranes! Water is a precious resource which none of us can live without. To add, processing drinkable water with existing technologies requires high amounts of fuel resources which can run out if over consumed, saving water is therefore protecting the environment. You can play your part to conserve water by adopting water-saving habits daily!

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