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Did you know that only 16.5% of Computer Science majors in the U.S. are women? But what is more likely to surprise you is that technology owes a ton to women – Ada Lovelace is often considered the first computer programmer in history, Grace Hopper invented the code compiler, and Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson was the theoretical physicist who made breakthrough discoveries that lead to modern telecommunication!

From the people who use their phones to watch YouTube on their 4G carriers, to the coders (like us) who write programmes in Python before it gets compiled, we have the women in computer science to thank!

So thank you to our partners at Microsoft for having us at DigiGirlz for the third year in a row to teach some 150+ wonderful young ladies about STEM, coding, and social technopreneurship using one of our favourite coding toys – the BBC micro:bit!

Girl coders unite! #digigirlz

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